20 Microns of Pure 24ct gold has been used (usually other Conversions are equipped with only 5-max 10 microns of Gold) to embellish the prestigious CRYPTOR GLOBAL MELLON BANKER 44mm Apple Watch Series 6, to make it one of the most desirable Luxury gadgets in the World for CRYPTORIOUS Traders such as Matthew Mellon to whom this Priceless Gem is dedicated. 


This watch has a unique frame handcrafted with a classic appearance and is embellished in 24ct gold along with a dark blue Shark strap makes this a stunning timepiece.


Matthew Mellon's foresight and visonary strength is in every aspect inspirational and admirable and to visaully translate these genuine emotions requires defined taste and extraordinary Design capabilities that naturally come in this Gem together to create one extravagant luxurious Masterpiece of practical perfection that men and women can CRYPTORIOUSLY enjoy.


Mellon Banking Heir's New Crypto Fortune: Almost $1B In Ripple's XRP




The Apple Watch Series 6 runs on a new dual-core processor 

The Apple Watch Series 6 comes with all the same features as the Apple Watch Series 5, including the ability to take an ECG, fall detection and International Emergency Calling, along with high and low heart rate notifications and irregular heart rhythm notifications.

The Series 6 smartwatch adds blood oxygen monitoring though - also known as SpO2 monitoring - as well as real-time elevation tracking with the always-on altimeter.


The Series 6 is equipped with optical heart rate sensors, accelerometers, always-on altimeters, microphones and speakers.


The Watch Series 6 also comes with the U1 chip and Ultra Wideband antennas to enable short-range wireless locations for features like next-generation digital car keys.


The Watch Series 6 also has faster charging, said to complete a full charge in 1.5 hours. It's battery life is said to be 18 hours. 


The Series 6/OS 7 watch has several new exciting features and we have combined here a breakdown of the top new features it will be equipped with:

  • More customisable watch faces
  • Shareable watch faces
  • Cycling turn-by-turn directions in Maps
  • Activity app rebranded to Fitness app
  • Ability to track Dance as a workout, as well as cool down and functional strength
  • Sleep tracking 
  • Silent alarms
  • Wind down mode to get you ready for bed
  • Siri enhancements, including translation
  • Hand-washing tracking with 20-second countdown timer
  • More hearing protection features
  • Family Setup




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