Giorgio's Billionaire Alligator Desk is for the affluent Royal Elite that requires timeless quality and artistic craftsmanship as it was 500 years ago applied. All Products mirror the Epitome of Quality in every Material and Creative Design aspect.


Every Billionaires Gem is lovingly Handcrafted in Italy with no Time and expense to be ever spared.


The Timeless elegance which clealry all of these exceptional GIORGIO'S Custom Creations impressionably represent never seizes to excitingly capture heart, eye and mind of its proud affluent owner. 


Owning a handcrafted Masterpiece of the GIORGIO'S Billionaires Collection is as attractive as the Ownership of a Picasso Blue Period Creation indisputably is.


Rarity, Exclusivity, Luxury, Flamboyant Elegance all harmoniously come seamlessly together in each individual Giorgio's Gem such as the featured Custom work the " J. CHANNON" Alligator Tray Table complete with feet and Nobleman shoes. 


It is available in the colors Royal Blue, White, Brown (as Featured) and Black

Dimensions: 30 x 27


Body and Alligator Skin Color
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