This Magnificent Royal Gem reflects the Epitome of Value in every meaningful aspect. The Emerald Cut Center Stone features a gigantic Carat Weight of 102.11 Carat. 

Its measurements are Guiness book worthy as 30.11 x 24.87 x 15.53 mm are unheard of. This VS2 Clarity Grade Eternal monument of Sparkling beauty is second to none and indisputably ranked in the top league for Natural Diamonds from a Historical evaluation. 


The Necklace is illuminated by rare Emerald and exceptional rare Square Emerald Cut Diamonds that range from VS1 - VVS2 Clarity. In total 47 Diamonds are realizing an mesmerizing appeal that can be only defined as striking. In truth Words cannot truly capture the true Natural Beauty existend within the context of this Jewelry Icon. 


As Diamonds of such nature are rare, hard to come by, and therfore are almost impossible to replace you will secure for the one you love a monumental Treasure of Jewelry that with the years increases in significance , and most importantly Value. 


The Total Carat count of its utmost Flawless kind 475.44. 


The Purchase Procedures: 


You may acquire this magnificent once in a life time offered Gem through the submission of an offical LOI Letter of Purchase intent that must be  accompanied with all pertinent personal information and proof of funding. 


We will treat every Buyer with utmost respect but founded on International Standard procedure the first paying Client will be the new Owner of the Diamond Necklace as identified and featured here on Cryptor Global. 


We do not accept any payment prior to preview and acceptence of Terms and Conditions.


Such essential Personal Viewing will be scheduled - arranged upon the official issuance of the LOI that must be addressed to Cryptor Global along with the attached - associated Proof of Funding documentation.  


At such Viewing you may bring an expert and legal advisor of your personal choosing that is in control of the escrowed funds (could be a customary Malca Amit secure Diamond custody - trade account) that must be at the time of such Personal viewing be placed and be present in such for this Transaction initiated Escrow Account. 


All associated costs and expenditures associated to such standard procedures are to be covered by the Buyer. 


We are applying international Industry Standard in the Diamond Trade segment and make no other declarations as the ones we can actually proof and that reflect the true nature of this Important Historical Diamond-Necklace Sale. 


The Accredited Buyer must submit all such Information via Email to Cryptor Global under the secure protection of confidentiality and highest discretion.


Email: Sales@Cryptor.Global 


CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ Magna Diamanté Total Carat Weight 475.44

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