This 5 G Technology advanced I Phone 12Pro Collection reflects the extraordinary spirit of the Great American Artist Andy Warhol.


The variation of amazing colors as Andy Warhol preferably in his artworks used for subjects such as his portrait of Marilyn Monroe, the Campel Soup can, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, and Chanel among many other artworks, has inspired us to create modern Technology luxury with a magnificent artistic character.


This very unique artistically enhanced IPhone 12 Top of the line Model from the revolutionary 5G 12 Pro series has an outer frame which is artistically embellished in 24K gold and features as summary of elaborately detailed engravings that are enhanced with marvelous colorful Crocodile skin features.


Over 20 microns of Pure 24K Gold have been by artisans applied for a lasting Gold experience to be forever warrented. Your Watch will never fade and the Gold forever continue to maintain its extraordinarily expensive appeal. 


The rear section of this exceptional Precious Apple Creation is furnished with expensive Crocodile leather and features additionally a gold enhanced camera lens.


Countless hand engraved 24K Gold accents among them the Apple Gold logo elvate this extravagant  I phone to a creation of modern Art ......of the irresistible Andy Warhol kind.

Luxury, Exclusivity, and one of a kind appeal are all embedded within the context of this exceptional European design. 


The Apple I Phone from the newest 11Series is the 512 GB Version and therefore the top model from a technology perspective. All shipped phones are unlocked to all networks worldwide.

Every sold Warhol Homage phone is accompanied with its own unique wooden box and the valuable Certificate of Authenticity. The CRYPTORIOUS Phone for the Success minded trader


Crocodile Color
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