Why is drinking plenty of Water simply not sufficient for your wellbeing and Health?

Is bottled and filtered Water living up to the promises which are consistently and with persistence provided for such filtered and-or bottled Water to be of true refreshing clarity that empowers your state of overall wellbeing hydration and health? 

As to the Environmental Protection Agency “Drinking Water which includes Bottled Water does contain a certain degree of contamination.” 
Even Spring Water is not pollution free and contamination residue can be potentially cloud the Water consumption experience as the fresh clear taste maybe even by so called fresh Spring Water sadly missing. 

All of us can agree that the consumption of clear water that consists of its original Natural Energetic Structure is for everyone of us extraordinarily important. But where can we find such HIEnergy Water Source? 

Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology is the revolutionary Technology that restores the Waters Natural Energetic Structure and therefore maximizes the Hydration and taste experience. The indisputably Important BESA Quality Certificate provides irrefutable validity to all Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology Products that have been by such institution subjected to active diligent testing and research.

The stunning results have conclusively confirmed that in fact Water Harmonized by the HIEnergy Technology devices such as the W100 and the W300 consist of the extraordinary HIEnergized Quality we once could without any concern enjoy. 

We are only sufficient hydrated when the Waters DNA is of optimized consistency. 

To therefore Restore the Waters Original-Natural Energetic Structure was the only path we Cryptor Global with HIEnergy Technology could possibly take in order for us to again optimize the degree of hydration and physical empowerment the consumption of Healthy Water does after all effectively provide. 

W100 Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology Pen is easy to take with you wherever you may go.


This Revolutionary elegant Stainless Steel Water Harmonizer Pen is perfect to Harmonize up to 1Gallon / 3 Liters of Water.


In just one minute your Waters Natural Energetic Structure will be restored through the usage of such extraordinary HI Technology device. Insert the pen in the water and or place it outside of the Glass or drinking Container and make certain that the Pen touches such drinking object.


Such simple process is sufficient enough to accomplish superior- ideal quality of Natural healthy energized Drinking Water that never fails to effectively hydrate your Body. 

CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ HiEnergy Technology W100 Water Harmonizer Pen

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