New Goldshell HSE SE 930Gh High Hashrate HNS Miner

Handshake Algorithm 930w High Quality Miner

Miner Product Specifications: 

Certification: ce

Brand Name: Goldshell

Algorithm: Handshake

Power Consumption: 930W

Hashrate: 930Gh/s

Encryption: YES

Video Memory Capacity: ≥ 1024MB

Chipset Manufacturer: ATI

Type: asic miner

Products Status: Stock

Rating Power: > 1000W

Output Interface Type: DVI

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Material: Metal

Style: Rectangle

Memory Interface: 128 Bit

Memory Clock(Mhz): 56mhz

Interface Type: USB 3.1

Video Memory Type: DDR5

Manufacturer: Goldshell

Warranty(Year): 90 days

Product name: Goldshell HS3 SE

Hash Rate: 930Gh

Size: 200 x 264 x 290mm

Weight: 7300g

Power Supply: 930W

Hashing algorithm: Handshake

Network Connection: Ethemet

Minable coins: HNS Coin

Temperature: 5 - 35 °C

Package: Carton Package

CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ Goldshell HSE SE Miner

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