CRYPTOR GLOBAL GoldGenie 2030 Technology is incorporated in the magnificent 24k Gold Segwheel. This exclusive Transportation device of the Future is a self-balancing electric uniwheel creation which is integrating the latest high-tech methods used in aerospace transport control.


This extraordinary technological world wonder uses a fuzzy algorithm and a gyroscope system to maintain balance through body weight adjustment as used in NASA technology.


By leaning forward or backward, users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or turn.


The left and right balance is similar to shifting direction on a bicycle by slanting slightly to the left or right and optional stabilisers will ensure you never lose your balance.


The high quality tire ensures that all maneuvers offer the best grip in all weather conditions


Sold with lifetime Warranty as by supreme quality products customary this 24K Gold embellished luxury gadget represents the epitome of daily enjoyable future centric Technology.


The Cryptorious achieve what others cannot, and they use the unconventional rare to enrich their visionary centirc lifestyle.  

CRYPTOR GLOBAL GoldGenie 24KGold Aerospace Wheel

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