Marie Sklodowska Curie was not only the first woman to ever achieve the Nobel Prize, but she was the only one that ever achieved such honorable reward Twice. Our Extraordinary Timepieces are all dedicated to Leaders that fought the odds and prevailed in a World that was flooded by painful and consequential failure.


The ones that achieve extraordinary things fail as well, but it is such failing that makes them only more determined to ultimately succeed. We create CRYPTORIOUS Timepieces, Valuable Jewelry of exquisite 

design to honor the great, to motivate you whenever your eyes lovingly embrace your sparkling magical Timepiece with sparkling magic. 


The 72 amazingly clear Black Diamonds reflect the deeper beauty of such meaningful creation. Tell the story, illuminate the lifes of others, and by doing so you will enrich your very own. 


The best European Artisans, the most expensive materials all have gathered to achieve one thing only and that is to provide to you a lifetime of enjoyment and limitless joy. 


This exceptionally rare Timepiece can be acquired with two different Band Versions:

1. Pink finest Leather

2. Stainless Steel


Join the CRYPTORIOUS and become as eternally significant as Marie Curie in the past present and future will be. Power to all extraordinary Woman that with CRYPTOR GLOBAL can become all they have ever wanted to ultimately be.






$3,498.00 Regular Price
$2,798.40Sale Price
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