CU CHULAINN is a mythical Irish Hero-Warrior and the Champion of Ulster. Only when we know about the great men that lived, we will understand what it takes to be great ourselves. This Timepiece recognizes the significance of standing out from the crowd by dedicating ones life to extraordinary achievements, that change our life and the lifes of others. The CRYPTORIOUS as we call them, purchase an magnificent Timepiece of utmost unusual Design to make a Statement, to inspire others with the simple idea of making always the Right choices. 


No other Timepiece is more uniqe as the elegant Verde-Green watch dial is surrounded by 12 superior clairity Tsavorite Gemstones that are valued with up to 8,000 USD per carat. This popular and very unusual Gem illuminates with his deep green emerald color not only this watch, but everything around it. 

The CRYPTORIOUS Trader that wishes to demonstrate leadership by personal choice, has found within the context of this extraordinary Timepiece his perfect match. 


We offer the following 3 different Band options:

1) Black Carbon Fiber

2) Black Leather

3) Stainless S


$2,349.00 Regular Price
$1,879.20Sale Price
Band Option
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