This Valuable in every aspect magnificent by the Royal Blue color dominated Timepiece, is dedicated to the BITCOIN Billionaires and Venture Capitalists Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.


This in every aspect inspirational power couple-identical twins, are extraordinary Internet entrepreneurs of International significance. 


Not only did both compete in the 2008 rowing event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and cofounded the Harvard Connection, but their out of the box mindset has given birth to many revolutionary ideas among them the basic concept of Facebook, for which they have been back in 2004 65 Million US dollar at court awarded. 


Time was on their side, as they always used it effectively to initiate greatness that is in every meaningful aspect insprational.


This exclusive Timepiece is dedicated to them, their visionary spirit, and their indestructible commitment to unparalleled excellence.


68 + 4 intense eye clean Blue Sapphires frame an extraordinarily elegant Watch case that in its timeless Design is destined to illuminate the life of its CRYPTORIOUS proud owner indefinitely. 


CRYPTOR Timepieces are passionately created for the CRYPTORIOUS that use every valuable moment to realize something of eternal significance.


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