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In the last 12 Months Crypto Currency Exchanges are showing more profit than many Global Banks. Therefore every Significant Corporation, every Future focused Investor must consider now the expedited implementation of Crypto Currency - Token Mining.


Future Centric Corporate-Private capitalization strategies that are founded on a Future Wealth creation and preservation matrix are diligently developed here at CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️.


Only at CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ you will find everything you need to succeed with your meaningful and potentially highly profitable mining venture. 

1. A mining Strategy that secures the successful coin implementation into the Bitcoin Ecosystem 

2. A Coin and-or Token Identity that is Globally unique and competent in its personality Characteristics 

3. A Coin and-or Token Design that is unlike any other based on a unique symbolism that is powerful in its creative and substantive content

4. The Creation of an Independent Blockchain structure that allows the professional engineering of your Coin

5. CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ Strategic configurations that include but are not restricted too :

Data Authentication & Verifications which includes immutable storage, digital signatures and encryptions. 

Smart Asset Management which includes the issuance, payment, exchange, escrow and retirement.

Cryptor Global ™️©️ Smart asset Creation programs create the Tokenized version of real World assets such as Gold. 

The Identification of the suitable Consensus Mechanism 

The Selection of the most Suitable Platform 

The Design of the Blockchain Instance

The Building of API's

The Design of the Admin and User Interface 

The Implementation of 2030 Future Technology 

The ICO Initial Coin offering Marketing Strategy - Campaign- and Global Media selection 

The implementation of a secure Coin Maintenance Support System 

that stabilizes and increases the Coins Global value 

Mining Hardware Cryptor Global uses for its valued Customers :

BitMain Antbox - AntMiner

The Most Secure and robust Mining Equipment Storage Containers with as much as 180 units Capacity

ANTBOX N5 SE  Price Upon Request 3 Weeks Delivery Time

ANTBOX N5        Price Upon Request, 3 Weeks Delivery Time 

Bitmain Antminer S17 - 53TH/S  SHA-256 algorithm      PRICE : 3,299 USD 

Bitmain Antminer S17 - 56TH/S  SHA-256 algorithm      PRICE : 3,399 USD

Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro-50TH/S SHA-256 algorithm   PRICE: 2,699 USD

Bitmain Antminer T-17 - 40TH/S SHA-256 algorithm        PRICE: 2,259 USD

Bitmain Antminer T-17 - 42TH/S SHA-256 algorithm        PRICE: 2,899 USD

CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ ICOs raised a total of almost $11.4 billion in 2020 and a total of 3,782 ICO's opened last Year with the US clearly leading such ICO launch race. Filecoin raised $257,000,000 with its ICO. It is Time to Code Now Your very Own Cryptocurrency on Ethereum!

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How does mining actually work?

In todays Crypto Currency universe Ethereum’s mining process is almost the same as bitcoin’s.

For each block of transactions, miners use computers to repeatedly and very quickly guess answers to a puzzle until one of them wins.


More specifically, the miners will run the block’s unique header metadata (including timestamp and software version) through a hash function (which will return a fixed-length, scrambled string of numbers and letters that looks random), only changing the ‘nonce value’, which impacts the resulting hash value.

If the miner finds a hash that matches the current target, the miner will be awarded ether and broadcast the block across the network for each node to validate and add to their own copy of the ledger. If miner B finds the hash, miner A will stop work on the current block and repeat the process for the next block.

It’s difficult for miners to cheat at this game. There’s no way to fake this work and come away with the correct puzzle answer. That’s why the puzzle-solving method is called ‘proof-of-work’.

On the other hand, it takes almost no time for others to verify that the hash value is correct, which is exactly what each node does.

Approximately every 12–15 seconds, a miner finds a block. If miners start to solve the puzzles more quickly or slowly than this, the algorithm automatically readjusts the difficulty of the problem so that miners spring back to roughly the 12-second solution time.

The miners randomly earn these ether, and their profitability depends on luck and the amount of computing power they devote to it. The specific proof-of-work algorithm that ethereum uses is called ‘ethash’, designed to require more memory to make it harder to mine using expensive ASICs – specialized mining chips that are now the only profitable way of mining bitcoin.

In a sense, ethash might have succeeded in that purpose, since dedicated ASICs aren’t available to mine ethereum (at least not yet).

Furthermore, since ethereum aims to transition from proof-of-work mining to ‘proof of stake’ – which we discuss below – buying an ASIC might not be a smart option since it likely won’t prove useful for long.

Shift to proof of stake

Ethereum might not need miners forever, though.

Developers plan to eliminate the proof-of-work, the algorithm that the network currently uses to determine which transactions are in fact valid and which protect it from tampering, in favor of proof of stake, where the network is secured by the owners of tokens.

If and when that algorithm is rolled out, proof-of-stake could be a means for achieving distributed consensus that uses fewer resources.

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Your greatest Capital is undoubtedly not the Product Inventory however exclusive and extensive it may be, but your flawless Luxury Brand Prestige.


The Asset we know of as IMAGE is worth hundreds of millions and-or Billions and to Capitalize from it without ever selling a single share of Corporate Interest is the utmost lucrative and effective way to go.


STEALTH TO WEALTH the Revolutionary Cryptor Global & Bitcoin Brandon Strategy requires a powerful network of incomparable Creative Experts, Design Intelligence Agents that make the extraordinary to a magical vivid reality from which no one can withdraw himself.


Cash out, Capitalize, and project a Future Centric Image into the World with one of a kind most unusual Token - Coin Designs that emerged from the exceptional  Talent and incomparable Expertise CIA Creative Design Agents bring every-time for any Coin Project to the DesignTable.


You need to stand out, Illuminate on Crypto Currency Exchanges with an overall supreme Image that mirrors the Prestige you already accumulated.


There is only one way to do things and that is the right CIA way .....or not at all.


🛸 CIA Coeptum International Advertainment is supreme Expertise, Future Centric Magnificence, and unparalleled Creativity which are all nicely packaged for you in Visionary Bond magnificence.


One more Reason to choose the Power of STEALTH TO WEALTH

CRYPTOR GLOBAL  Presents the

STELLAR Token & ICO Platform 


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