We do not see it, do not taste it, do not smell it. However it is all around us and it is extraordinarily harmful. 
Most of us conduct the greatest part of our private and professional life using cellphones, computers, tablets, WiFi stations, GPS. On top of all we are surrounded by WiFi stations, transmission towers, smart meters etc.


All the above are based on 4G & 5G technology and 6G about to be released. These technologies expose mankind, animals and plants to  harmful technology which is electro magnetic radiation.

We trade, we communicate we gather online based knowledge and share through such technology channels personal information but most of us never really ask the question how harmful all of it truthfully is. 


It is Human nature to turn a blind eye to the things we refuse to acknowledge and-or cannot change. In this particular case we do have now the opportunity to protect ourselves and our loved ones from such real health threat. 

To the Facts….Cancer caused by radiation does not appear until years after the radiation exposure.
The more electronic devices you have gathered around you, the greater is the risk of falling victim to such electro magnetic radiation and their health impacting frequencies.

It is true we cannot actually see radiations, we cannot taste or feel them but that is why the damage they can actually cause is far greater as we may envision as scientific data confirms. 

High electro magnetic radiation exposure can cause a range of serious Health problems, ranging from 
a) feeling fatigue, 
b) to experience anxieties, 
C) to brain tumors 

d) all sorts of chronic diseases

e) cancers of all sorts

In fact the health consequences are sheer endless.

Whenever Cancer Patients are entering the twilight zone of reality that reveals an entirely new perspective of life, the question what has caused such serious life threatening illness is rarely answered. 

Truth to be told only very few people ever talk about it the media, as the comfort and the money to be made in these harmful technologies provide outweighs for most the price one may have to consequentially in the future pay. 

Some people are more likely to develop cancer from Radiation exposure than others. Pregnant Women and Children are by Electromagnetic toxicity extraordinarily effected and are therefore most endangered by such consequential Health threat. 

As science and technology go hand in hand into a technology centric future more and more radiation is in the process increasing the physical  threat that we at Cryptor Global take very serious.

If you do not care enough about yourself, how about your family, your children’s wellbeing and their protection from electro magnetic radiation? 

Revolutionary Cryptor Global ProtectPro Technology neutralizes any and all such existing toxic electromagnetic fields. 

Most Traders are extraordinarily endangered as they operate on numerous devices at the same time that combined generate extensive amounts of electro magnetic radiation. 

We are addicted to the screens of candlesticks and trading performances. We need trading signals and a real time tracking platform that requires in some cases 10 to 18 different screens. Additionally we are surrounded by countless power-lines and cell phone towers, Wifi exposure and fluorescent light in short we daily operate in a microwave environment that releases a harmful soup of radiation to which we and everyone around us are consistently exposed. 

Electrical Fields intertwine with electromagnetic fields and the result is one powerful flow of radiation that will greatly effect you.


Cryptor Global - The Protector is now offering to everyone an affordable and practical solution against the constant penetration of electromagnetic radiation. 

ProtectPro Technology nullifies the harmful frequencies and therefore eliminates the threat of electromagnetic radiation- intoxication that even though invisible represents to be for everyone of us a real physical threat. 

Every benefit claim we issue is verified by Prominent BESA Expertise and Certification. All Cryptor Protect Pro Products are manufactured in Germany and reflect therefore the highest International Product Standard 

Cryptor ProtectPro Cell Phone Technology
CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ ProtectPro SD 5 Covering a Diameter of 30ft /10 meters
CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ ProtectPro SD10 Perfect for small Apartments, Workspaces, and Cars, covering a D
CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ Protect Pro SD25B Bee Protection & Wellbeing provider covering a diameter area o
CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ ProtectPro SD50 Superior Technology covering a Diameter protection area of 300ft/
CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ Protect Pro Technology for Traders and Computer users this Certification confirms
CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ Protect Pro Technology is the Solution in a by Radiation and EMF frequencies poll

Everyone has to watch these below featured Videos to finally understand the true extent and  gravity to which we are by EMF Radiation endangered 

Electromagnetic Pollution 

BUY NOW CRYPTOR GLOBAL ProtectPro & HiEnergy Technology 

Why is drinking plenty of Water simply not sufficient for your wellbeing and Health?

Is bottled and filtered Water living up to the promises which are with persistence to you the consumer in elaborate propagandas provided. Is in fact filtered and-or bottled Water of true refreshing clarity that empowers your state of overall wellbeing hydration and health? 

As to the Environmental Protection Agency
“Drinking Water which includes Bottled Water does still contain a certain degree of contamination.” 


Even Spring Water is not pollution free and contamination residue can be potentially cloud the Water consumption experience as the fresh clear taste maybe even by so called fresh Spring Water sadly be missing. 

All of us can agree that the consumption of clear water that consists of its original Natural Energetic Structure is for everyone of us extraordinarily important. But where can we find such Health essential HIEnergy Water Source? 

Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology is the revolutionary invention of the 21st Century, that effectively restores the Waters Natural Energetic Structure and therefore maximizes the Hydration and overall natural taste experience.


The Prestigious BESA Quality Certificate provides irrefutable validity to all Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology Products and their associated benefits that have been by such institution subjected to active diligent testing and extensive research.

The stunning results have conclusively confirmed that in fact Water Harmonized by the
Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology devices such as the W100 and the W300 consist of the extraordinary HIEnergized Quality we once could without any concern enjoy. 

We are only sufficient hydrated when the Waters DNA is of optimized consistency. 

To therefore Restore the Waters Original-Natural Energetic Structure was the only path we Cryptor Global with HIEnergy Technology could possibly take in order for us to optimize the degree of hydration and physical empowerment which the consumption of Healthy Water does after all effectively provide. 

W100 Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology Pen is easy to take with you wherever you may go.


This elegant Stainless Steel Harmonizer Pen is perfect to Harmonize up to 1Gallon / 3 Liters of Water. In just one minute your Waters Natural Energetic Structure will be restored through the usage of such HI Technology device. Insert the pen in the water and or place it outside of the Glass or drinking Container and make certain that the Pen touches such drinking object.


Such simple process is sufficient enough to accomplish superior- ideal quality of Natural healthy energized Drinking Water that never fails to effectively hydrate your Body. 

W300 Cryptor Global HIEnergy Technology permanent Installation Harmonizer. 

The W300 represents the Epitome of convenience as this revolutionary provider of limitless restored-harmonized Natural Energetic HIEnergy Drinking Water through one simple installation conveniently enables the limitless enjoyment of HIEnergized Drinking Water

Once experienced you will never want to live without such tremendous source of natural Hydration and Refreshment.

Natural Hydration with Water that is restored to its original Spring Water condition is through Cryptor HiEnergy Technology again possible. The below attached notable BESA Certificate provides meaningful peace of mind in the process of purchasing any sort of Health supporting products from the Cryptor Hi Energy Technology product portfolio.

CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ HiEnergy Technology W100 the essential Water Energizer Restorer that goes whereve
CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ W300 the Unlimited Water Restored Energy-Clarity-Purity Source you for your fami
CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ Returns Spring Quality to you and your family with Revolutionary HiEnergy Technol
CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ Hi Energy Technology Energizes-Harmonizes- and Restores the Waters original Struc
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