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Michael Saylor Bitcoin for Corporations

At a Time of Global economical meltdown the Digital Currency World has shown nothing but extraordinary strength.


In 2020 the Amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum Millionaires has increased to over 25,000 which is in clear opposition to the Millions that sadly have lost their Jobs and which are now in existential fear for their Financial Future.

From the Neiman Marcus Group to Norwegian Air and Hertz Chapter 11 Filings skyrocketed within the 2020 Financial Epidemic. 


Michael Saylor addresses along with Cryptor Global International Corporations to finally actively implement Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin Corporate Asset accumulation programs into their modified Financial Eco system. 


Without sufficient capitalization the progress and sustainability of any Corporate Venture is extraordinarily handicapped. Bitcoin is as to Michael Saylor and Cryptor Global the Powerful Payment and Asset accumulation Instrument that exceeds all others including Gold.

As Corporate Board Member, as CEO, as Entrepreneur one should be preferably an active Cryptor Global "STEALTH TO CORPORATE WEALTH" member which frequently attends Michael Saylor's Prestigious Bitcoin for Corporations Summits that are by Cryptor Global highly recommend.


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The amount of Bankruptcy’s we currently witness Globally are for the most part self inflicted and therefore not only associated with the current COVID19 epidemic.


The lacking of modern Technologies, Adjusted modernized Business Models, the absence of


1.  Blockchain Technology 

2. Bitcoin Payment Systems

3. Income Stream Diversity 

4. Tokenization 

5. Capitalization through Bitcoin

6. Digital Distribution Concepts that replace outdated Retail Business models

7. Corporate Bitcoin Stashing accounts

8. Disregarded Defi Lending models


.......and foremost the nonattendance of essential Education Programs that reveal an entirely new Future Centric Corporate Management perspective which every Board Member, CEO, CFO, indisputably needs to cope with the problems of our Time are in fact the true issue in fighting the Chapter 11 pandemic.


The World is entering the Digital age and in such Transitional process to daily learn has become for any sort of Corporate Leadership essential in the process of sustaining in the Future Corporate profitability. 

The Cryptor Global & Bitcoin Brandon STEALTH TO WEALTH Corporate Education and Custom Solutions Program is the first of its kind World Wide that recognizes the serious issue at hand and that provides effective customized solutions that secure:

1.  Progress 

2. Liquidity

3. Job Security

4. Future Centric Income streams

......to maximize the Capitalization and competitive strength of your Corporate Venture.


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Conquer the Crypto Exchanges with your Brand Token

In this by epidemic conditions impacted highly transitional World, the economical conditions for Corporations of any size have left very little room for positive future prognosis.


CRYPTOR GLOBAL™️©️ is now providing to Important  Global Corporate Ventures a full Service Brand Token Service that Capitalizes from unconventional and highly Prestigious Brand Images and converts them into real time Capitalization strategies.

The Strategy, the Design, the development and implementation into your Corporate Financial Eco system we have it all covered in customized Corporate Token solutions. 

Additionally the Design of Token-Crypto associated Merchandise is our passionate forte. In the Digital Sphere of Corporate  Token excellence we lead without notable competition the way to extraordinary Profitability! 


NFT - TOKENISM is the Fine Art 🖼 movement of the Future 

The Blockchain Technology Based Art Market is just in its beginning stages.


Recent NFT Art associated Christies Auction

activities amazingly generated astronomical 69.3 Million US Dollar for Beeple's (Mike Winkelmann) "Everydays-The First 5000 Days" NFT Masterwork. 


This Impressive sale by itself is most certainly representative for an uprising NFT Art trend that in full progress already disabled buying as well as selling limits World wide.

Cryptor Global is now actively participating in the multi Billion USD NFT market by promoting TOKENISM.


Cultural progress mirrors a society’s core values which in their adjusted dimension give life to advanced expression variations that in their artistic complexity advance the position and meaning of Modern Art.  

Explore Tokenism and become its most enthusiastic member as high gains, and great enjoyment are not only accomplished with the purchase of Bitcoin!




  1. Coinbase Card

  2. Crypto.com Card 

  3. Cryptopay Card

  4. BlockCard

  5. Wirex Card

  6. CoinZoom

  7. BitPay

  8. Binance

  9. Trastra

  10. Paxful

  11. BlockFi Visa

  12. Nexo Card

  13. Paycent

As Banks are closing Decentralized Crypto Currencies are bearish soaring, as the recent 7 Billion USD overnight boost confirms. Go Crypto with CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ 




DeFi Lending

fast convenient unbureaucratic 



  2. Compound Finance 

  3. BlockFi

  4. NEXO

  5. DharmaLeve

  6. Aave

  7. Maker

  8. DeFiPrime

  9. DeFiPulse

CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ introduces the DeFI Lending Platform Universe, that reveals a new Dimension of liquidity without being indebted and exposed to high interest rates that threatened in many cases the financial life of the borrower 

DefI is the Future, no Banks are needed, no Bank fees attached. 

Discover the DeFi Galaxy and be empowered by its extraordinary potentials in every meaningful liquidity aspect.


bitcoin on the table in the casino.jpg

The Top 9 Online Casinos. Play with Bitcoin and

win Bitcoin  

  1. BitStarz 

  2. RedDog

  3. 7BitCasino

  4. BitCoinPenguin

  5. WildTornadoCasino

  6. Slotland

  7. BitStarz

  8. BuzzLuck

  9. CherryGold

CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ introduces the Play Smart and Play hard Lifestyle. 

The Rising Popularity of Crypto Gaming has in the last 12 months Skyrocketed. Who would not like to win Bitcoins in the process of enjoying the excitement of the Game. The Popularity and Future is not only for Crypto Currencies extraordinarily bright, but for the Gaming industry that never seizes to attract with new evolutionary products.  



Bitcoin Payments for Private Jet Charter

Monarch Air Group conveniently accepts now Bitcoin (BTC) in addition to other traditional mainstream payment options. 

Types of aircraft:

Popular Private Jet Routes: