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Technology mirrors Evolution 

Technology is the key in the process of responding effectively to Crypto Market transitions. To effectively trade you will need speed, technology ahead of its Time, and capacity that is actively supporting your extensive Trade volume.

Platinum CRYPTOR GLOBAL ™️©️ Members will receive as part of their package a Future centric high tech device, that is immediately ready for Trading action. 

If you wish to Virtually trade from anywhere in the world an extra 11,990 USD for the most advanced CRYPTOR trading Technology will make such extraordinary experience happen. Without any additional Hardware open virtually as many screens as you like and regulate each trade effectively through futuristic virtual magnificence. 

Luxury Versions custom manufactured in Carbon Fiber and or with Carbon Fiber accents are as much available as versions that include precious materials such as Solid or applied Gold.


The ones who live with the habits and Technologies of the recent past will not be able to master the transitional Future


To Be CRYPTORIOUS means to always Think and effectively operate ahead of Time


Cryptor XR1

The Rolls Royce of Virtual Trading

The Cryptor XR1 allows you to open in extraordinary speed as many trading windows you require to trade Future centric like a Pro with 2030 superior Technology. Speed defines this extraordinary device, and Capacity along with unmatched  performance are the revolutionary quality features that make this Apex of Virtual TRADING Technology


Cryptor Price: 

11,990 USD


Cryptor VR2 Pro

Hand & Eye Tracking Included

This Extraordinary Virtual Trading Device is Sold with Professional Software that allows the active Professional Crypto(r) trader to maximize performance and associated Trading results. Technology matters in the Crypto Trading World and the VR2 Pro is all about Future

centric Technology features that secure daily an incomparable Crypto trading experience.

Cryptor Price 

6,588 USD


Cryptor VR2 

With next Generation Bionic Display

This Next Generation Virtual Trading Device provides a true life VR Environment that allows the Crypto Trader to browse swiftly through the World of Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin and to place his trade accordingly. View Charts Coin performances with eye tracker precision as 2030 Technology places such power now within your reach. 

Cryptor Price:

5,484 USD